Cold Lasers For Sale in Ft. Worth

If you live in Ft. Worth, then you’ve likely seen all the billboard ads for cold laser therapy. What is a cold laser and what is it good for? That’s what we’ll be going over in this article.

Cold laser therapy is a type of pain treatment that uses low level laser beams to send photons to the area that needs it. Unlike other types of lasers used in medicine, this is not a type of surgery. Cold lasers are just that: cold. This means that they are low frequency so they don’t produce heat. Also, they are not a continuous beam of photons, but instead emit the laser beam in super fast bursts, like the Terraquant pro. This makes it so that it doesn’t heat up and burn your skin. That would be most ineffective for pain treatment, wouldn’t it?

So cold lasers shoot really fast laser light beams through your skin into the affected area, let’s say a knee joint. A lot of people who have arthritis use cold lasers, so let’s just assume you have arthritis in your left knee. So, the pain basically means that you’ve got some damaged cells in your knee and that’s what’s causing the pain. So, you can let the cell regenerate and heal themselves, right?

We’ll if you’re a healthy young person maybe that will work. But, as you age our cells get worse and worse at healing. This regenerative process becomes slower and less efficient as we get older. This is the same reason you get wrinkles. The elasticity of the skin diminishes because the skin cells aren’t as good as renewing themselves anymore. This gets worse and worse as you get older, but is also affected by other factors such as nutrition, mood, and genetics. Why are these other three factors important? They matter because they affect the regenerative process of the cells.

So, what does all this talk about aging and cell regeneration have to do with cold lasers?

Cold lasers deliver specific frequencies of photons that speed up the metabolization of cell nutrients, increasing the efficiency in which they regenerate. In other words, they cells heal faster when exposed to certain types of radiation.

This is not like chemotherapy or anything like that. Chemotherapy is design to do quite the opposite to slow down the spread of cancer.

lllt cold lasers

Cold lasers use specific frequencies of light photons (aka a laser or radation) to do the opposite. There is scientific proof that this type of therapy work, although it is still not as widely adopted as other forms of pain treatment.

One reason is that many people have gone out and bought their own cold laser, or low level therapy devices for sale on the internet. These devices can be purchased for a few thousand dollars and used over and over again at home. This saves lots of time and money on trips to the doctor. Especially for people who require multiple treatments per week or per day, it is a smart investment.

Add to that the fact that cold lasers for sale that you can get online do not require any special kind of training. Anybody can use it as long as they have read and understand the user manual, which is not rocket science.

where to get your own cold laser equipmentIf you can point the remote control at a television and push the right button, then you can use a cold laser. The beauty of the technology is that it’s a neat design. The technology is built into the cold laser device itself, so you don’t need a lot of expertise to use it. This is good news for the people who want to find a cold laser for sale on ebay, but I recommend you buy a new one that hasn’t been used before like the TQ Solo. There are plenty of reputable places online to look, so there’s no need to risk a used one that has been potentially banged around and may not work properly. I suggest you just get a new one from a good dealer.