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Welcome to the FWMSB website!

Welcome! WE are back with the Fort Worth Masonic Service Bureau. This Bureau has been taken over by the Hallyu wave! The recent kpop fever has been spreading throughout Ft Worth and everyone’s loving it!

Music has always been very important in Ft. Worth as a part of our culture. Now, though we have become more accepting of other countries’ music. One of the most recent emergences of foreign music has been Korean Kpop. We have a new post on BTS merchandise and phone cases. Kpop is short for Korean pop and has been influencing American culture and style for a few years now.

Our new post on BTS is sure to get you fired up, too! In the meantime you can watch this great video about a BTS haul.

A popular new trend in Korea right now is cold laser therapy. We will have more information on cold lasers and where you can get your own soon.

We are happy to be able to bring you new songs and video as a part or our service here in Ft Worth. Thank you for visiting and please leave us a reply.